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All Cirrus Hardware meets or exceeds ANSI Z-359.1, CSA Z-259.1, Mil-H-7195, Mil-S-45208 and PIA-H-7195 as required by the individual specifications.

PROOFLOADING AND INSPECTION: all hardware is 100% proofloaded as required by the above standards.

HEAT TREATMENT: All hardware requiring heat treatment is to Mil-H-6875H or PIA 6875.

PLATING: Plated to meet DOD-P-16232 or ASTM B633 (FEZN).

IDENTIFICATION: All hardware is stamped with part number, month & year of manufacture & heat coded providing trace ability back to the steel manufacturer.

MINIMUM TENSILE LOAD: All hardware meets or exceeds minimum strength.

CERTIFICATION: Certification accompanies all products.